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Employer/Employee Transportation:

Phoenix Teknologies was one of Phoenix Employs first company’s formed among the many of the Phoenix families. We are proud to offer many services to other companies because we know the struggle of building and sustaining a company. Two of those struggles the Phoenix family wanted to focus on was transportation for employees and hiring employees.


The reality of the situation is that millions of people want to work but lack transportation, they do not reside along a bus line, the employee cannot afford monthly car payments and insurance and the list goes on and on. Phoenix Teknologies is here to work with all companies to alleviate absenteeism due to these issues.


There are several ways that Phoenix Teknologies assists companies in obtaining this service. When you collaborate with us, you also save on delivery of groceries and restaurant orders either to your home or place of employment. Yes, Phoenix Teknologies also owns, Phoenix Delivery!


There are several ways we can help your company get started if your company is in need of transportation assistance:


  • You can contact us, and we can set your company up with a dashboard that will allow you to sign your employees up and request rides for them.
  • If you are going through our employers savings plan (monthly plan), you are assigned a promo code specific to you or your employer, you may enter that code via the app.
  • You may email us, we can enter your employees into our system and send your company the promotional codes or we can email them to your employees with permission.
  • Your employees can go onto our website, provide a copy of their work ID, submit it and we will assign them a code for the discount. If your company is enrolled in the savings plan and the employer is paying the monthly fee, the employer can request that Phoenix Teknologies verify that person is employed by submitting their name via email and waiting on your company’s confirmation.

Phoenix Teknologies can work with all companies if they request a specific type of plan. Please email us and let us know how we can help you. Remember, Phoenix Teknologies is here to assist employers and employees to reduce absenteeism which is in the best interest of employees to sustain their life needs and for the employer to assist in the continuation of generating revenue.


Conducting Hiring and Screening Interviews for Employers:

Don’t have time to waste interviewing candidate after candidate just to find out none of them are qualified? We have your back! Phoenix Employs staff is available to conduct interviews to fulfill your positions and screening interviews to assist you in cutting back on time and money. We will get the leg work done so that you can take care of other important business.


Phoenix Employs can offer your company the following;


  • Screening interview for your candidates to help determine if the applicant matches the job requirements for the position, and if their credentials are a fit for the role for which the company is hiring.


  • Employers are able to view the live recorded interview that will be sent to them upon completion of all interviews. Phoenix Employs owns a platform that allows for virtual interviews to be completed with candidates then forwarded to the hiring supervisor for review or hiring approval of the candidate.


  • If requested, Phoenix Employs can complete background checks on all employer approved candidates. If Employer leaves the hiring decision in the capable hands of Phoenix Employs, as part of our decision, they will undergo an extensive background check based on a personalized assessment of the specific job being applied for.


  • Phoenix Employs has an entire staff that is filled with decades of experience in human resources. We are extremely mindful of the laws surrounding screening applicants, bad screening methods can affect diversity and create bias in employers. Let us find you the best applicants that will meet your requirements.


Phoenix Employers understands that having a great screening process is essential in the hiring process to ensure that we find you the best candidates. We consider having an effective screening strategy will help to make sure you are getting the most qualified applicants. Furthermore, it helps if your hiring personnel are friendly and warm towards the potential employees. This will leave a lasting impression on all of them, even those who don't get the job, and help further build your company a positive image.

Whether you have 1-1000 potential candidates, we are ready for you! If interested, please send us an email informing us of your needs and we will get back to you within 24 hours or less, guaranteed!


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